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Weaver Construction is highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated

to create a home of your dreams!

Leader in style and quality of residential construction, Weaver Construction is a luxury home builder who designs and builds custom homes. We also offer the option to build on your own lot. We are committed to building houses that are elegant, energy efficient, and long lasting. 


With a focus on energy efficiency, we make sure our houses are built to the highest standards at an affordable cost. Our exterior walls are reinforced with 2x6 studs and efficient R-19 insulation. We select quality windows with argon gas and low U-values which further improves the insulation of the house. The attic is protected with R-49 insulation to achieve optimal thermal protection. Our HVAC systems are designed with multiple zones to productively heat and cool specific areas of our homes. The actions we take to achieve maximum energy efficiency are evidently proven as the homeowner receives their utility bills.


Weaver Construction prefers to go above and beyond typical builder construction standards in order to impress our homeowners and give them a piece of mind. For example, extra rebar is added to our concrete for maximum durability. We select 14" deep floor joists spaced 16" on center for extra floor strength. We even prevent ice dams from occurring by building high heel roof trusses.


These are just a few reasons why our custom homes stand out in quality and prove our advantage in the custom home construction.


We cannot create our one-of-a kind custom homes without our hardworking crew!

Please visit our blog at weaverconstruction.blogspot.com to follow our adventures!

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